Hello, I’m Prince Izumi., and I am from the United states and Ive been cosplay since 2004, but I really didn’t get heavy into it till about 2008. Most of my cosplay’s are based off video game characters and things that are not usually cosplayed. I do enjoy certain anime’s and of course I am a huge gamer gal and comic book nerd. The whole outfit was done by me and is based off a Evangelion Gurren Lagann Cross over,. they made a Rei figure where Rei is wearing a alternate version of Yoko. Not much is known of this figure but its fun to wear. I always wanted to d a Yoko cosplay but so many girls done it so i decided on this version also i always wanted to cosplay as Rei Ayanami anyways I Been to my first con back in 2004. It was a small con in Norman Oklahoma called Ronin-con. It was small but it was my first experience and it wont be forgotten. But after seeing all the different cosplays and people it made me wanna become my own person. I always love being in cosplay. It always make me feel like a Strong confident person, and I feel like I can do just about anything when I do this. Even though its just a hobby I feel its more then that to me as well. Now I go to about 3-5 con’s a year doing what I do best. I’m a pretty Chill person and always happy to talk to new people and make more friends so please dont be shy. ♥




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